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6 Days Marangu Route


Route Overview

Mount Kilimanjaro can be climbed using one of six well-known routes: Marangu, Machame, Lemosho, Shira, Rongai, and Umbwe. All three routes—Marangu, Machame, and Umbwe—advance from the mountain’s southern side. The west is where the Lemosho and Shira paths approach from. The Rongai route travels close to Kenya from the north. Every route descends via Mweka, excluding Marangu and Rongai.

The Marangu Route for Mount Kilimanjaro ascent

Because it can be completed in fewer days and features permanent sleep shelters at the campgrounds, the Marangu Route, also known as the Coca-Cola route, is more well-liked.

From Kibo Hut, the ascent to Uhuru Peak is steep and passes Gilman’s Point. Because it is a shorter route with a steeper ascent and less time for acclimatization, it frequently fails to reach the summit. The only path where the ascending and descending routes are combined, increasing traffic, is this one.

Day to Day Iternerary

Day 1: Arrival Day

Kilimanjaro International Airport - Accommodation

Arrive at Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO), where you will meet a Norbert safaris representative, and transfer to the hotel under the rate. The hotel will provide all the essentials for a comfortable stay: cozy rooms, hot water, polite staff, a swimming pool, and Internet access. In the evening there will be a briefing with our managers, who will also make sure you are ready to trek Kilimanjaro on the Rongai Route for 7 days.

Day 2: First Day Trekking

Marangu Gate — Mandara Huts

Elevation: 1905m/6250ft to 2723m/8934ft
Altitude gained: 818m

You can reach the Kilimanjaro National Park Gate by driving through the Machame Village about 45 minutes from Moshi. We will wait patiently for the issuance of our permits while seeing the flurry of activity as other crews get ready for the voyage ahead. As your guide explains the local flora, ecology, and wildlife to you, take in the stunning rainforest scenery and winding routes. At these lower altitudes, the trail can be exceedingly muddy and hazardous. Gaiters and hiking poles are strongly advised here.

Day 3: Second Day Trekking

Mandara Huts - Horombo Huts

Elevation: 2723m/8934ft to 3721m/12,208ft
Altitude gained: 998m

We leave the rain forest after a sound night’s sleep and a filling breakfast and travel up a route through heathland in search of enormous lobelias and groundsels. As you ascend, the vegetation changes to little shrubs in the wide moorlands. Lunch break halfway through for breathtaking Mawenzi views. Arrive at the Horombo Huts in the late afternoon in front of the breathtaking Kibo Summit vista. The temperature starts to fall.

Day 4: Third Day Trekking

Horombo Huts

At Horombo, you can stay an entire day and another night. You can choose to relax at the huts on this day or take a hike up to the Mawenzi base camp before coming back to the Horombo Huts. This extra day will aid in your acclimatization and improve your comprehension of the weather and altitude in the mountains. On your fourth day, after your break, you’ll continue up to the Kibo Huts in preparation for your midnight summit start.

Day 5: Fourth Day Trekking

Horombo Huts - Kibo Huts

Elevation: 3721m/12,208ft to 4714m/15,466ft
Altitude gained: 993m

After breakfast, we continue through a shrinking heathland that eventually turns into a lunar landscape as we approach the broad saddle that connects Mawenzi and Kibo. You can take a look at the summit climb up Kibo that you will be beginning in a few hours while we take a break for lunch and later when you pass this unexpectedly large saddle.

Day 6: Fifth Day Trekking

Kibo Camp (4,700 m) - School Hut Camp (4,715 m) - Uhuru Peak (5,895 m) - Horombo Camp (3,720 m)

The team will depart School Hut Camp with its elevation of 4,715 m at night. The trek up to Uhuru Peak’s 5,895 m puts more of a strain on your cardiovascular system than your muscles as the high altitude takes its toll on your body despite the moderate gradient of the climb. One guide will be assigned to every two climbers, constantly evaluating their fitness over the duration of this part of the climb. A walk on the nearest glacier can be undertaken upon reaching the summit. The descent to 3,720 m at Horombo Camp will include a 2-hour rest stop at Kibo Camp. It is highly advisable to keep in mind that 9 out of 10 climbing accident happen on the way down, so watch your step!

Day 7: Sixths Day Trekking

Horombo Camp (3,720 m) — Marangu Gate (1,860 m)

The final descent to Marangu Gate’s 1,860 m starts after breakfast. The stop at the gate presents a good opportunity for a last exchange of impressions and memories of the expedition with the whole of your support crew. The climbers will receive their certificates of achievement at our offices before being driven back to their hotel.

Day 9: Departure Date

From Moshi Town to Kilimanjaro International Airport

Today is your departure date, You Checkout is at 11:00 Am and according to your departure Time you can decide to book a addon Cultural Activity, Which are plenty in this Town. You can choose a Coffee Cultural Tour, Htspring relaxing Tour, Day Trip to Nearby National Parks or simply choose a Town Tour